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All Hallows Eve


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All Hallows Eve or Halloween as most know it is still slow to catch on here in Germany and is mostly commercial, shops sell costumes and some shop fronts are dressed in 'spooky' themed stuff and I did see some jack-o-lanterns, but, unfortunately, no 'trick or treating'. However, I did get into the spirit (pun intended), at a friends Halloween party.


I noticed my local supermarket was selling 'Halloween' pumpkins for about €2.50 and they were huge! Later, whilst trying to figure out what costume I could make from my severly limited wardrobe, it struck me. I would carve my first pumpkin and go as 'The Pumkin King'!


I bought the best 'head shaped' pumpkin I could find and lugged the huge and heavy thing home. Anticipating a large mess, I utilised my bath for the carving. Now, where do I start? Never having done this before I just had to make it up as I went.


I cut a hole in the top and scooped out the guts. I realise now why these are sold as 'Halloween Pumpkins' because they are mostly already hollow, just with a mess of seeds in the middle and certainly no good for eating.


I cut a large hole in the bottom with which to insert my head, this also made it easier to scoop out the inside.


Working out which was the best side for the face I sat it on my head to test it. As I couldn't see anything with it on, I had to take photos. It occured to me now that it was still very heavy and being too small to rest on my shoulders, my neck would be taking the weight. So I scooped out more of the inside to make the walls thinner.


Then, satasfied with with the weight and how it sat on my head I began to plan the face. This was the hardest part. Trying to line up the eye sockets so that I could see out of them.


It took a couple of attemps and I ended up with some randomly placed holes that were misplaced eyes. I ended up with well placed eyes that allowed me sterio vision with a little peripheral vision and a wicked grin.


Now, to complete the costume, a pinstripe suit with waistcoat and a green garbage bag cut into a kermit style neck collar, this was to stop any residule pumpkin getting on my spiffy suit. I painted my black, leather gloves with skeletal hands in gouache.


And a bit of spooky makeup so that when I removed the head I still had some kind of costume. I wasn't gonna wear that thing ALL night and drink my beer through straws! I had to use gouache for the makeup which worked surprisingly well.


With my outfit completed and ready to head to the party aftr a couple of priming beers I decided to wear the pumpkin all the way there! This became more and more interesting, as I had never been to this guys place and ended up getting a little lost in the subway.



But many people in their mundane routine with glazed over, eyes on the transit system got a giggle out of the Pumpkin King wandering around. I even had a few photos of me taken, though I used to that from my mustachio anyway. I enjoyed the anonymity and didn't dare take it off until I got to the party. Though I got into the habbit of lifting my hat/lid and politely bowing to the ladies I passed or anyone that tried to keep a straight face, which always made them crack.


The party rocked, by the way.

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